Be secure in cyberspace

26 Oct 2022 • Hyatt Regency Sofia

Tap into the expertise of the leading industry experts!
Protect your network against cyber threats!
Get actionable takeaways!

videoDiscussion panel
-Live attack and defense
-International security experts

About the event

Join our special event and let’s celebrate Cybersecurity Awareness Month together!

We are excited to bring you a brand-new cybersecurity event! At CyberSec Day 2022 we will gather together to mingle with top IT professionals and decision-makers, and discuss current state of IT security and methods of protection.

Tap into the expertise of cybersecurity officers, industry experts, government representatives, leaders from all sorts of businesses of key industries, and public administration.

We want to assist you in discovering solutions and services that support the successful and secure management of IT networks, and stay tuned with the current trends.

The goal of the event is to:

icon boxshare and discuss the best practices on IT security, compliance, and business continuity,

icon peopletap into the expertise of IT management leaders,

icon shieldlearn latest tactics and methods of protection to secure your IT environment,

icon bugverify existing layers of security vs. modern malware attacks,

icon aboutgive you an opportunity to find out what is new in your field and how you can adapt accordingly,

icon accelerateaccelerate the connections that help you strengthen your IT network.


Hear from some of the thought leaders in the industry!

Event Agenda

During an approx. 6-hour event, you will have an opportunity to learn, discuss and share about cybersecurity.

Watch CyberSec Day online!

Thank you for taking the time to join us at CyberSec Day and contributing to its success! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did and learned something new that you could put to work. We were glad to have you there! You can get the feeling of how it was and watch it online now.

The cybersecurity threat landscape – can we ever be safe?

Discussion Panel

Phishing: what you know and what you think you know

Miglen Evlogiev, Founder of Bulgarian Cybersecurity Foundation

Stop Data Leakage Now!

John Bycroft, Commercial Director, Comforte AG

IT security checklist - a practical approach. Live malware attack and defense. How to take control of a secured Windows workstation?

Marcin Matuszewski, Senior IT Engineer, Axence

Cyber-challenges and regulations - case study of EUROINS

Diana Todorova, Chief Information Officer, Euroins
Georgi Panayotov, Data Information Security Specialist, Euroins
Krasimir Popov, CEO, Nikrama


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